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Please copy and paste this form to use as a membership request application. Meetings are the first and third sunday of  each month. After receiving the application perspective members are brought up for membership at one meeting, voted on at the following meeting. Ie... If you are brought up on the first sunday of the month, you will be voted upon on the third sunday of the month.

Reade Volunteer Fire Company

Cambria County, PA

Station 63

Last Name: _____________________ First Name : _____________________ M.I. _____

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone : ________________ Cell : ________________ Work : _________________

DOB : ________________ Drivers License Number & Class : __________________

Training you received from previous fire or EMS organizations :

Please list current and past companies you are/were a member of.



Please answer the following truthfully, Your answers are not reason for any applicant being denied membership. We just need to know which portion of the fire company you are interested in being a part of. We need help with both but fully realize not everyone can nor want to be active members responding on emergency calls.

Are you willing to participate in firefighter training? Yes / No

Are you willing to participate in fundraising events? Yes / No

All applicants are subject to a background check, do we have your consent to perform this check. If yes please initial & date : ____________

Upon approval of your application you will be expected to abide to the By-Laws of the Reade Volunteer Fire Company and to respect the authority of Elected & Appointed Officers & also Senior members. We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining our organization and shall continue to strive to maintain a Fire Company that is “ready, willing and able” to serve the residents and visitors of Reade Township.

Signature : _____________________________________________ Date :________________

Office use only : Membership shall be “approved” / “disapproved” on this date : _________________