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It's Time for yearly dues all members that haven't paid are urged to pay them ASAP.

You can pay your dues at the next scheduled meeting or to Karen McConnell

Active members of Reade Volunteer Fire Company are as follows For 2024:

Gary Fortney
Mike Stetter
Robert Mayes
Connie Stetter
Roy Price
Penny Price
Scott Lenz
Rhett Trent
Barby Trent
John Wagner Jr
RJ Wilson
Cory Price
Brittany Trinkley
Karissa Noel
Regis Noel
Buss Mayes
Charlie McQuown
Preston Hutchins Jr
Larry Wilson Sr
Nancy Wilson
Jim Lovell
Charles Mayes
Larry Wilson Jr.
Nancy Mayes
Scott McClellan
John Myers
Thomas Monohan
Penny Fortney
Eugene Jenkins
Brian Burgoon
Mike Jenkins
Dale Wolf
Kelly Glass
Rick Trent
Joe Hollen
Austin Noel
Nikki Trent
Dorothy Trinkley
Bob Trinkley
Charlotte Lenz
Pam Peacock
Karen McConnell
Ben Williams
Timmy Spencer
John Tunney Sr.
Travis Myers
Ritchey Warner
April Simmers
Dustin Knox
Judy Green
Jayden Green
Allison Kehoe
Jacki Hommer
Karissa Noel
Amber Knox
Melvin Grassmyer
Christina Wilson


The Brotherhood :
The brotherhood of Firemen runs deep in all our veins.
We love this job with all our hearts and our brothers just the same.
Although we have our little fights and disagreements at the station house.
When one of us is in need our brothers are there to help.
The brotherhhod is strong and true and consumes our very soul.
We will be brothers till the end, this vowel I do bestow.

It is our goal to ensure all members are posted, if your name was missed please email me so I can correct it.