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You will be sadly missed but we know you have joined many who have departed before you, until we meet again Brother.
63 Fire Police Lt. - Paul Jena
May 31, 1957 - Feb. 19, 2011


In Loving Memory Of David W. Burris
Although every fire company strives for the safe return of all firefighters, sadly Station #63 did experience a time when this did not happen. David remains the only fallen firefighter from Station #63 to date. We dedicate this site and all we do in memory of David.


The alarm rings out
Turn out gear is donned
All rushing about
And engines climbed on
Then it’s off to the scene
To do what they must
Saving a life
Or building up trust
Of a small frightened child
The weak and the frail,
They do what they know
They respond without fail.

But life has its twists,
Its bumps and its turns
Life isn’t simple
As everyone learns.
No one is better
Each equals the other
Everyone here
Is a sister or brother.
But a life that is lost
In the midst of a call
Brings new meaning to life
To the great and the small.

A Last Call on earth
Doesn’t mean it’s the end
There’s a First Call in Heaven
For those we call “Friend”.
And once the Last call
Has been sounded out loud
A reverent hush
Falls over the crowd
And there in the quiet
Inside of each soul
Comes a First Call from Heaven- The ultimate goal.


Thank all who have served and are currently serving in the Department, our thoughts and prayers are always with you.