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Response Order For Station 63 Units
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Nature Of Call :                   1st Due       2nd Due     3rd Due     4th Due


Structure Fire :             E 63-1     E 63-3     E 63-2     B 63-4

Vehicle Fire :                E 63-1     E 63-3     E 63-2     B 63-4

Unknown Fire :            E 63-1     E 63-3     E 63-2     B 63-4

Vehicle Accident :        E 63-1     E 63-2     E 63-3     B 63-4

ATV Accident :            E 63-2     B 63-4     E 63-3     E 63-1

Brush Fire :                  B 63-4      E 63-2     E 63-3    E 63-1

Landing Zone :            E 63-1      E 63-3     E 63-2    B 63-4

E.M.S. Assist :              POV : Unless EMS requests a unit.

Search Detail :            E 63-2      B 63-4     E 63-3    E 63-1

Tree Down :                B 63-4      E 63-2     E 63-3    E 63-1

Wires Down :              E 63-2      E 63-3     B 63-4    E 63-1

Mutual Aid : Units will be dictated by requesting company.

Public Service : OIC will dictate what units are needed per service

All equipment is to be operated by certified drivers only,

If you are not certified to drive it,


These are the order of response as long as there is a certified driver at the station, I.E. If you have a crew at the station but do not have a certified driver for Engine 63-1 or Engine 63-3, By all means respond with Engine 63-2 and Brush 63-4 versus not responding at all.

Listen to your dispatch, the type of response will be dictated by the dispatcher. Unless call is upgraded by the 911 center or an officer on scene respond according to the initial dispatch.

Alpha to Echo is the severity of the call, Alpha being minor proceeding to Echo being life threatening. An Omega response is a non emergency response, no lights or siren’s.